“I'm no prophet. My job is making windows where there were once walls.”

Michel Foucault

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Life Coaching Mental Health Programs and Not-for-profit Organizations


Like people, programs and organizations also have a life.  This fact is not so impressive when we take into account that programs are made by people.  To achieve and sustain effectiveness and success, it is important to evaluate programs and actions periodically.

Nadjla’s life coaching for programs and/or not-for-profit organziations intend to contribute to a qualitative program evaluation based on: (a) achievement of goals,  (b) identification of limits and obstacles for success, (c) identification of underdeveloped areas of intervention in accordance to program’s/organization's mission, values and goals, and (d) identification of effective developed interventions in accordance to program’s/organization's mission, values and goals.

Like Nadjla’s life coaching for people, after identifying these aspects, Nadjla will build a life plan with the program manager or the organization director and process information periodically. What differs is that all the meetings will happen at your location and other program’s participants may be involved, such as other staff members and even clients.

The following may be included in the life plan for your program or organization:

-       Focus groups

-       Survey

-       Interviews

-       Sociodrama and sociometric techniques

-       Life coaching for staff members

-       Portuguese language acquisition for staff members who assist Portuguese native speakers

At the end of the process, your program will receive a report that will be presented and discussed with the program manager or director.  You may also include a public presentation with participation of other members and clients.

The timeline of this process will differ in accordance to the size of your program and what interventions will be included in your program’s life plan.