"I have proved by actual trial that a letter, that takes an hour to write, takes only about 3 minutes to read!"

Lewis Carroll

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Delicious meal at the Pink Door, Seattle - WA, in last Spring

During the last couple weeks the organic x non-organic debate were all over the news.  Unfortunately, in my point of view, the arguments have not been well framed. 

Says the news that a study from Stanford University proves that organic food is not more nutritional than others.  Wow, really? I have never thought this was the point.... Let’s not mix oranges and apples; an apple will always be an apple! Or, let me rephrase it: the nutritional value of a Red Delicious apple will always be the same, no matter if it is organic or not. Let’s not forget that this is true also for oranges... and... for all other kinds of food.

People are choosing organic not because of a boost on nutritional value.  What differs in this choice is the amount of pesticide and other artificial adds that may be present in non-organic food. This is THE point. Interestingly, the news says that the study also found a difference in pesticides, but apparently no one is talking about this. I don’t know who missed THE  point, if the study or the news, and I sincerely say that because I did not read the study yet. I am curious about it though.

I would like to see more research on what are the effects of long term exposure to pesticides.  How significant (statistically significant; quality of life significant; and whatever other significant value we may find). I personally know few people that are fighting disorders caused to their exposure to pesticides. These are people that had a significant decrease of quality of life and now, are disable.

For me, we need to start talking about apples. And oranges. Make your choice, and do it thinking not only about what you want now, but what do you want in your future. Think about the kids from today and the kids from tomorrow.


Life is made of choices. Your choices lead to who you are.

LOVE YOUR CHOICES, and do it consciously.

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