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Nadjla Sahyoun Bowie

“Writing is like paying myself a formal visit…”
Fernando Pessoa - poet, writer and literary critic.

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Article: "Between Sharing and Silencing: The Role of Mental Health Professionals in Human Rights Movements For Los Desaparecidos"  

Dear reader,

This is a pdf. document with a very special topic: the role of mental health professionals during military dictatorship regimes in Latin America.  When I wrote this article, I was committed to put together two fields that inspire me: mental health and human rights. To download the article click here.

Hope you will enjoy it!



Publication: Master Thesis "Understanding Mental Health Policies: How Do Stakeholders Address the Implementation Gap?"

Dear reader,

This is my published thesis, year 2008, published by San Diego State University. This thesis is a reflection of a time of lots of work, which included readings and writtings for couple years, implementing research in Brazil, and analyzing data...not counting with lack of sleep, tears and skipped meals :)!  My graduate advisor liked to say that only the author reads his/her own thesis and after three years from the date of publication, I know exactly what he means.  I still hope that you will read at least the abstract or any of the chapters!

Please click here to access it in a pdf. file.