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What is life coaching?

Life coaching provides a combination of strategies that contribute to ones recognition of ones limits and potentials, being a tool for self-realization.  The average life coaching lasts close to a year, but varies depending on client's needs and frequency of meetings.  As a life coach, Nadjla will manage the combination goals-strategies-actions to help you to make changes of life in a smooth and responsible way. 


- individualized action plan and time management

- stress management techniques

- process and progress evaluation

- for particular services regarding Couples and Executive Life Coaching, please read section below.


 What to expect from Nadjla: 

- Nadjla will help you to set and achieve life goals, considering yourself and the various social roles you play, such as at home, at work and in your community.

- Nadjla will guide you to identify what really matters for you at a moment of your life; your goals should be based on your core values and beliefs.

- Nadjla will coach you to set a life plan that is based on these goals and corresponds to the life style you want and/or are trying to reach.

- Nadjla will build a life plan with you, which include the necessary steps/stages and realistic deadlines to achieve your goals.

- Nadjla will follow up with you and frequently give you feedbacks, which will contribute to your focus, motivation and establishment of priorities.  Besides, these follow-ups help you to be flexible with your life coach plans when circumstances of life change, without loosing focus or giving-up your dreams.

- Nadjla is committed to an empowering approach and believes that at the end of the life coaching process you will:

(1) break old patterns,

(2) increase confidence and self-esteem,

(3) improve your time management skills,

(4) improve your decision making skills,

(5) have a balanced life, reducing stress and improving your overall health, and ultimately,

(5) enhance your quality of life.

- Nadjla uses the same approach for COUPLES LIFE COACHING, helping each person to work toward individual's goals and, concomitantly, strengthen the relationship.  Life Coaching for Couples works on the potentials of each individual as a partner, building a life plan for a couple based on mutual understanding and growth, and achievements of dreams.

- Nadjla uses the same approach for EXECUTIVE LIFE COACHING, focusing on time management, decision making, reduction of stress, and wellness.  As additional service and upon request, Nadjla may include language acquisition skills, including Portuguese and Spanish focused on conversation and task/negotiation goals.  Nadjla has contributed to programs at universities and governmental sectors, teaching language associated to cultural and behavioral components related to different countries in Latin America.


What to expect from the meetings with Nadjla:

- Getting to know you: the first meeting will be based on a First Interview at Nadjla's office.  Although very interactive, this interview is semi-directed and includes various questions regarding you and your life style. Nadjla will also explain to you the details of the life coaching process.  The length of the first interview is usually one hour to one and a half hours.

- Offering an individualized life coaching program: the second meeting also takes place at Nadjla's office and she will present a general program to help you to set your life goals.  Nadjla and you will work together to set these goals and a timeline. The length of this and following meetings is one hour.

- Having periodical meetings: during the period you have Nadjla as a life coach, Nadjla will be periodically meeting with you and also following up via e-mail and/or phone calls.  The periodical meetings include evaluations of your progresses, limits and your life coaching program itself.  These meetings may take place at Nadjla's office or any other place that you feel comfortable; such as a coffee shop, a park, a library and others.  Meetings may also be set virtually using on-line applications for video calls such as Skype and Google+.  It is also possible that we meet in a place of relevance to your process of putting goals in actions.  This is particularly helpful when you feel the need of having direct support to put your actions in place (please see more details in the following item).

- When necessary, Nadjla will accompany you in actions that involve your goals. This is especially welcome if you need a big initial push to action and/or you have a severe and persistent mental disorder that includes difficulties with autonomy and persistency.

- The meetings may incorporate meditation, relaxation, and psychodrama techniques that contribute to increase your focus, think clearly, and reduce stress. 

- If you live far away from the greater New York area or if you are frequently traveling, Nadjla can offer services on-line.  Nadjla has been using Skype to life coach for the last year and the fact that meetings are on-line does not affect the quality of services.  The only resources you need are: a Skype or a Google+ account, a good connection, a camera, and a computer with Microsoft Office, particularly Excel.  You will receive the same services as other clients and you can expect your process to be the same one that is described above.


For mental health programs, please check the Life Coaching Mental Health Programs page in this website.