"Happiness is not something ready made.  It comes from your own actions."

Dalai Lama XIV



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Welcome to begood-feelgood.com, a web-space dedicated to share my life coaching practice!

As you navigate the site you will reach diverse kinds of information, such as: my professional profile, my definition of life coaching, what services I offer, my articles, and my blog with various mental health/health tips.  For me, to be a life coach is to be a full partner focused on my clients' aspirations, success, and development. 

With a Life Coaching process clients enjoy the following benefits:

- personal and professional development

- motivation

- improved self-esteem

- improved health and vitality

- clear future vision

Check Nadjla's Life Coaching for more details.  I sincerely hope you will have an engaging visit and that every time you leave this website, you will be committed to BE GOOD and to FEEL GOOD with yourself, with your choices, with others, and with the world that surrounds you!

Thank you for visiting,

Nadjla Sahyoun Bowie